Addiction is not a choice

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“Addiction is not a choice anyone makes, it’s a response to pain. Not all traumatized people become addicts, but all addicts have been traumatized.” ~ Gabor Mate. I am very passionate about breaking the stories and stigmas of addictions. It has been something I have experienced in many forms and relationships throughout my life, including with myself. Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy … Read More

To Heal We Have To Feel

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To heal it, we have to feel it. Plain, simple and unfortunately sometimes uncomfortable . So many of us are living a life of disrupted sleep, dis-regulated nervous systems, poor digestion, depression, anxiety, pain, fatigue and a whole  host of other trauma affects. Our nervous system has evolved the ability to disconnect, shut down or dissociate from feeling our bodies, feeling … Read More

The Importance of Family

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I feel very blessed to have a family that supports and loves me. I grew up with 2 younger siblings and 2 parents that worked synergistically to raise us with compassion. Our family unit got along pretty well, with the occasional cat-fight or “oh my god! Uuuugh” yelled at each other. But we always came back to each other sooner … Read More

Supporting Men’s Health

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In light of men’s health month, I would like to say something around celebrating those individuals in our lives who identify as men.  I want to honour the process men have to go through and encourage men to reach out to support networks. There are so many dynamics to the Male experience that I deeply respect and will never fully understand. … Read More