Meet Evelyn (Evi)

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This is Evelyn (or Evi as we affectionately call her), and for the past seven years she has allowed me to be part of her life. One of the greatest things we can learn from Evi is how she copes with anxiety. She has many anxieties, but the behaviors she exhibits are all similar – she hides, barks, shakes, or … Read More

Confronting Stigma

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  A few years ago, I experienced severe depression that impacted my perspective on how I view mental illness. After struggling for a long period of time with both personal and work-related stresses, I utilized my company’s short-term leave program on my doctor’s recommendation. During the first half of my leave, I couldn’t leave my home during work hours. I … Read More

3 Brilliant Tips To Deal With Job Loss

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Written byMarina Agafonov, MA Provisional Psychologist You’ve lost your job and now all of a sudden, you go into this worrying mode and you’re constantly worrying about how am I going to feed my family? How am I going to pay the rent?  Where am I going to find my next job, and all that worrying can be detrimental to … Read More

It’s okay to say “I’m not okay, I’m hurting” and the path to happiness.

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All too often I see on my Facebook feed, social media in general – false positivity, proclaiming that something is awesome as a way of hiding that in private you are hurting. I’m not saying we shouldn’t share our positive thoughts, but we should not falsify our feelings. It is crucial to your emotional health to recognize your feelings and … Read More

Pockets of Presence

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I find it hard to be present and just breathe in life. I am sure this is a common experience amongst busy working people, balancing commitments, family, friends, fun, children and work. My colleague recently wrote about being present (click here for that blog) and I felt moved to share how I stay present in life. Like many of you, … Read More

How to treat depression and anxiety naturally

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If you suffer from anxiety or depression, have you ever wondered about its cause? As a naturopathic doctor with an honours degree in neuroscience, I approach the treatment of anxiety and depression from a unique angle. In addition to focusing on psychological factors, I work with my patients to identify and correct any underlying physical causes. Often these are nutritional, … Read More