Certified Thai Yoga Therapist

About Sara

Sara first found an interest in the world of health at a young age due to being exposed to many sporting activities. She has grown up in the soccer community & was heavily involved in the sport for over 15 years competitively. Her background in sport has taught her the importance of maintaining healthy movement in the body.

Sara graduated college & started work in the healthcare field as a Registered Dental Assistant. After graduating, she realized how significant maintaining movement, stretching on a daily basis and living in a pain free range of motion was, to up hold a long term career in this field of work. The road to enlightenment continued as she herself dealt with several injuries of her own over the years. That is what lead her to find & learn about the world of yoga. It was there that she was enlightened, she had already learned all of these moves years before, they were just done in a different way.

Feeling as though something in her was sparked she followed this path to become a Certified Yoga Teacher & continued advanced training to become specialized as a Trauma Informed Thai Yoga Therapist. It was here that she finally felt she found her calling, she has experienced first hand the wonders of what Thai yoga, when done mindfully and intelligently, can do for ones body. Not only physically but mentally & emotionally too. It is this that has given her the drive to share this wonderful modality with the world and help bring people back to their roots and reclaim their bodies!

What is Thai Yoga Therapy?

Thai yoga therapy is a system that empowers an individual to recognize where they hold tension and how to let that tension go. It is essentially a personalized yoga session with therapeutic intent to help one find a connected space with their self (body and mind), enter into a state of full relaxation, restoration & healing. Thai Yoga Therapy works with aspects of cranio-sacral therapy, breath work, energy work, meditation, mantra & mudra, massage work within the meridian lines to help release blockages in the energetic system to increase energy flow through the body & uses an Ayurvedic approach to assessing & supporting the balance of emotions and energetic system of ones body.

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