Registered Yoga Teacher

About Matt

Matt is a Registered Yoga Teacher with an education in Physiology and Anatomy. His primary focus as a teacher is to help unravel mental, emotional, and physical stress in the body through Yin yoga, Meditation, and Critical Alignment Therapy.

Matt is an advocate for movement of the body and stillness of the mind.

When Matt is not teaching, he enjoys writing, playing guitar, spending time with family and friends, and time in Nature.

Why Yoga?

Yoga is a body and mind activity which increases flexibility, and strength while balancing the nervous system. How does this happen? The approach of Yoga is to rehearse or ‘practice’ ones own stress response. During Yoga, you are intentionally putting your physical body into a stressed state through distinct postures. By breathing mindfully and focusing on maintaining a calm and steady posture, we are responding to the ‘stress’ with a composed and peaceful mentality. Our practice is then initiated when we enter into the world around us, a more mindful and calm individual. We become evermore effective of handling, and governing, the stresses of life, as a result of their conscious recital.

1 on 1 Yoga Sessions

Everyone has different needs. 1 on 1 Yoga offers individuals the ability to focus on personal interests, goals or concerns. Group settings are a great way to come together and practice in a communal environment, but often times we need a more personalized approach, especially when beginning our practice. We offer directed attention unique to your abilities, understanding, and specific to your own psycho-emotional make-up. Like a physical trainer, only we incorporate and emphasis the mastery and development of the mind as well as the body.

Focus on the Breathe

Pranayama is the conscious awareness of breath. The term is derived from the Sanskrit word prana meaning ‘life force,’ and ayama, meaning ‘extension.’ When our breath is slow, steady and rhythmic, we enter into a balanced state of being. Our breath, embodying a calm and mindful state, reflects a calm mind. Our breath becomes a continual disinfectant against stress. We can then encounter life with a relaxed mind, and able body.

When we are stressed or ill, our breath also exhibits similar characteristics. Our breath is shallow, caught in our chest most of the time – restricted. Pranayama liberates our breath, which (properly) oxygenates the body begins the healing process.

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