Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

About Sara

Sara has graduated from Makami College with 3000 hours. She had a calling to go into Massage Therapy after researching the power of touch and its incredibly positive effects on our nervous system, immunity, sleep, mental health, and physical pain. She has dived deep into the world of healing and believes in order to heal the world it begins with healing ourselves. Trauma informed massage therapy is her passion and she strives to create a space that is safe for all. Her vision is to help people gain a healthy relationship with touch and to give clients the environment they need to deepen their body awareness.

She has a Holistic approach to her healing and is mindful of the body, mind and spirit connection. She is skilled in orthopedic assessment and therapeutic massage for specific injuries/concerns combined with a personalized home care regimen for clients to follow after the massage for lasting results. She loves using a variety of techniques and modalities such as trigger point release, joint mobilization, neuromuscular therapy, manual myofascial release, cupping, swedish, deep tissue, PNF stretching and nerve flossing. She loves to guide clients to deepen their breath with diaphragmatic breathing during the massage to encourage a greater state of relaxation. She has a huge interest in vagus nerve regulation and its profound effects on calming our nervous system and incorporates that into the massage.
She is currently continuing her education in somatic therapy and energy healing.

When Sara isn’t massaging she is probably singing kirtan, ecstatic dancing, practicing guitar, doing yoga, creating art and walking barefoot in nature