Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

About Laura

A graduate in 2019 from MH Vicars school of massage therapy with 2200 hours, Laura wanted to have a career helping others find wellness in a peaceful and compassionate environment. Laura is a Cancer survivor of over 18 years. She knows first hand how positive human touch can help overall well being and recovery, during and after illness or injury. She has seen how massage therapy can improve many aspects of people’s daily busy lives, including boosting immune systems, decreasing stress levels, releasing tension, increasing mobility and creating an overall synergy and balance.

Laura strives to create a safe place for everyone. She is passionate about the body acceptance movement and believes everyone should feel welcome and respected on her table. She works to achieve this space for her clients by offering a deeply nourishing mind, body and soul experience.

Laura is experienced in Swedish relaxation massage, and deep tissue therapeutic massage including myofacial release, trigger points, manual therapies for common injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome, piriformis syndrome (also known as sciatica) and others. Laura is interested in continuing her education into different modalities to expand and provide better treatments, gentle and therapeutic, for all clients.