Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant (CHNC)

About Jenna

Jenna is a born-and-raised farm girl with  a passion and a dream to help others find freedom from food, as an Emotional Eating Coach.

Jenna has struggled with obesity her entire life. When she graduated university with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 2010, her weight had climbed to 295 pounds. Jenna remembers the day she stepped on the scale and saw the number staring back at her. It was a turning point in her life. At that moment she vowed she would never reach 300 pounds. Fad diet after fad diet three years later, Jenna was still struggling with her weight. In 2013, Jenna developed the tools to help her get out of those vicious cycles and finally gain her health back. For one, after following an elimination diet, she realized she has a gluten intolerance and after finally cutting grains out of her diet and following a Paleo and ketogenic approach the rest of the weight came off easily. Also, she no longer turned to food for comfort and found other healthy modalities that helped her deal with her severe depression.

Jenna’s weight loss sparked her 2 passions; nutrition and running. Jenna wanted to learn more about nutrition and gaining her health back was just the beginning. She read every nutrition and well-being book she could get her hands on; Jenna was frequently asked what to eat, how to eat and how she made the life changes she did in order to be successful. Wanting to help people the best she could, Jenna left her career in insurance and enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and a Precision Nutrition Level One Coach. Through her formal education and experience, she believes nutrient-dense foods are the key to optimal health. Nurturing the body starts with whole food. But, she also believes it’s not about the food. How we view food and our relationship towards food is the bigger issue, the harder issue, the issue that people shy away from. Keeping the weight off for 5 years isn’t because nutrition and running became her passions, it’s because she learned to have a healthy relationship with food. 

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