Clinical Somatic Practitioner and IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist

About Alana

Alana Burton is a Clinical Somatic Practitioner and IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist. Both of these practices have been instrumental in improving Alana’s own health and wellbeing after having a spinal fusion as a teenager and suffering from neck, back, shoulder and sciatic pain through the many years that followed. Being introduced to and practicing these healing modalities in her 40s led her to a desire to learn more about how and why these gentle movement practices created so much ease for her. She is on a path of continual discovery to helping herself and empowering others to help themselves to move better and feel better too.

Alana specialize in Clinical Somatics. What is Clinical Somatics? It is based on the work of Thomas Hanna, founder of Hanna Somatics and involves neuromuscular re-education – your brain controls the muscles that move your body. Your brain is brilliant at adapting to stressors you may be experiencing in your life such as physical or emotional trauma, injuries, surgeries or performing repetitive activities. It responds by creating movement patterns to help you through these stressors, however, these movement patterns may be maladaptive and over time will cause tension and/or pain. Clinical Somatic Education brings conscious awareness to sensations felt in your body. It involves slow, gentle, mindful movements bringing the brain’s awareness to where muscles are being held in habituated tension. Somatic movements teach the brain how to relax the muscles allowing you to move with more freedom.

Alana’s clients love that Somatic movements can be practiced at any age or fitness level and are also practiced in a very gentle manner with significant results. Students are encouraged to always move in their tension and pain free range of motion allowing for the body to trust in this process of restoring health and wellbeing. Alana will help you retrain your brain to move your muscles in a more effective and efficient way
improving coordination, mobility, balance and strength. You will be empowered to tap into your own innate healing capabilities to improve your sleep, increase energy and create more ease and joy in your daily life allowing you to move well in whatever activities you choose to participate in!

Favourite Quote:
And I said to my body. Softly.
“I want to be your friend.”
It took a long breath. And replied.
“I have been waiting my whole life for this.”
Nayyirah Waheed


“Somatic yoga has been a lifesaver for me.  After struggling to find a method to relieve my chronic pain and joint hypermobility issues, I tried a group session with Alana.  From the very first class, my pain disappeared and continues to do so as I integrate Somatics into my everyday routine.  It has also done wonders for my mental health, giving me a break from stress, OCD, and anxiety.  I would highly recommend doing Somatic yoga to anyone, and in particular those struggling with pain or mental health issues.  Somatic Yoga is a truly amazing approach and Alana is a highly intuitive and wonderful coach.” -Ella

“Meeting Alana and being introduced to Somatics has been a turning point in my life. Because I have a number of chronic conditions including arthritis and scoliosis I had lost agility and flexibility. Finding an exercise program that worked for me, that actually helped rather than make things worse, generating more pain and discomfort was difficult. However, Alana’s wonderful way of teaching movements, her kindness and understanding have allowed me to improve so very very much. I am now able to use muscles and move specific joints independently. What a wonderful feeling of freedom. Plus a great boost to ones self confidence. Thanks Alana for everything.” -Gloria

“When you live with pain for so long, you forget what it is like to live without it. You don’t realize the restrictions that come little by little. You don’t notice the things you have to give up bit by bit. But when the pain is finally gone, you are free of so many things – limited mobility, exhaustion, worry. You get the life back you didn’t realize you lost.” -Brenda

“I didn’t realize how much tension I held in my body (even when I thought I was relaxed!) until Alana positioned me and encouraged me to release it ‘Can you relax just 10 to 15% more?’ and I did. I didn’t realize that the low hum of emotional discomfort I felt was anxiety until I felt truly calm and quiet through guided breathing and meditation.  After each class, I felt better physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I also learned skills that, when practiced, improve my daily life.  Thanks Alana” -Randy Jo

I was diagnosed with a genetic abnormality in the right hip. This disability caused periods of inactivity to become unbearable. Sitting in a vehicle, or at my desk and in the end even sleep became impossible due to pain. I had been seeing “experts” for treatment of my physical issues. Sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists. Even a published practitioner who specialized in hip disorders and injuries. Narcotics and ant-inflammatory medications, both topical and oral were prescribed with little effect. Alana explained to me what she would do to help to treat my injury and told me about treating other clients with hip problems as well. I was desperate to try anything, as at the time, I had no idea when my surgery would take place.  I found Alana to be a genuine, kind, and well-spoken lady. More importantly, however, is her impressive knowledge and ability to assess where and how my body mechanic issues as a whole and not only my hip was affecting me.  After the initial session with Alana, my wife was waiting for me. She could tell immediately, by the way I walked towards the vehicle, that my gait and body mechanics appeared to be normal. I certainly felt less pain as well. I believe seeing Alana before and after my surgery enabled me to recover quickly and lessen the amount of pain medications I needed to take. Also, it gave me a head start to begin the road back to becoming an active person again. I do feel great now and I have Alana to thank for my state of wellbeing.” -Ken

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