Feeling Like You’re Trapped in a Box? Try ‘Box Breathing’ to get you out!


The past few months sure have brought many new challenges to our lives. Sometimes it has felt like being trapped in a box!

Perhaps you’ve been experiencing increased stress or isolation or had to deal with becoming a teacher to your kids while still working full time.

Whatever your stressors may be, there are techniques to manage emotions under stress. An article on Unsinkable discusses the benefits of box breathing.

Box Breathing (or 4 square breathing), can not only reduce stress, but can also clear your mind and help you gain back some emotional control.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Slowly breathe IN for 4 seconds.
  2. HOLD your breath for 4 seconds.
  3.  Slowly breathe OUT for 4 seconds.
  4. HOLD your breath (with your lungs empty) for 4 seconds.

Don’t be afraid to try it a few times. Remember – nice…and…slowly. Practice it throughout the day (when it’s safe to do so – of course) – even when times are not stressful.

Wishing you calmness, good health, & wellness during these next few months of public place re-openings! 🙂


* If you find yourself struggling with anxiety, please feel free to contact myself or one of our therapists at Serenity Now.

Article: Calm Stress and Anxiety with Box Breathing