Body Image

Brittney GiacchettaPsychotherapy

How often do you look in the mirror and say “If I could lose ten pounds then I would be so much happier” or “Ugh my skin is so bad right now… I would feel so much better if the redness just went away”? 

Body image is complex – it encompasses one’s feelings of self-worth and attitudes towards one’s physical body. Both men and women can deal with a negative body image for different reasons, to different degrees, and during different times. A negative body image can contribute to increased feelings of stress and anxiety. In contrast, a healthy body image is what one strives for. This means being comfortable with and accepting of the body you have. It does not mean that you think your body is perfect! Many of us internalize messages from a young age about body shape and size, which can lead to either positive or negative body image. 

Counselling can help people with negative body image start to deal with the issue before it begins to negatively impact their life. Through identifying, monitoring, challenging and modifying your thoughts, you can work towards achieving body neutral or self-love! Please contact us today to book your apt either online at or by calling 403-454-7600.