Bodies Are Beautiful


As a society we can struggle with the concept of beauty. We are taught early that we need to compare our bodies with others in order to feel beautiful. Many of the messages we get fed by society, by the media, by loved ones, and even by ourselves tell us the same story – we should be ashamed of our bodies.

Shame is a terrible motivator for change, and shame is not a tool for positivity. Shame gives us the narrative: “I’ll be happy with my body if I lose ten pounds.” But when those ten pounds are lost shame is still there telling us that it isn’t enough.

Shame is never satisfied, and small accomplishments are never enough to satisfy shame. Shame tells us we just need to have willpower, and when we fall down shame kicks sand in our face.

So how can we stop being ashamed of our bodies? How can we start to see ourselves more compassionately? How can we feel like we are enough?

There is so much advice out there both good and bad, and the truth is no one size fits all approach works. Our relationship with our bodies is a complex one and often tied to our identity and self-worth.

Our practicum student Kate Emery knows the ups and downs that come with body image and weight management. She has a background in Health Psychology and Weight Management.  She has completed training in personal training and nutrition. She is currently completing the University of Calgary Obesity Management Continuing Medical Education Program.

While we each have a unique journey, Kate will be writing posts over the next few weeks to provide insight into body image and self-worth. These posts will cover will-power, emotional eating, fat shaming, healing body image hurt, and learning to like what we see in the mirror.

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