Why include the body in counselling?

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Written by Sharon Stopforth, Registered Social Worker Traditionally, counselling has focused on the mind and employs talk therapy to resolve issues.  Other forms of counselling have also been developed to include the spirit such as Jungian and transpersonal therapy.  Recently, it is becoming more accepted to work with the body in counselling as research in trauma has shown excellent results … Read More

ADHD and Women

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Written by Cheryle Sherwood, Registered Psychologist A burgeoning area of interest for me has become Adult ADHD and women. My female patients are reporting a change in their symptoms around the time of both menopause and peri-menopause. Further to this, my daughter (who also has ADHD) reports a change in her symptoms of ADHD around the time of her menses.  … Read More

How Trauma and the Body are Connected

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Written by Sharon Stopforth, Registered Social Worker at Serenity Now Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a psychophysical experience which disrupts the functioning of individuals afflicted by it.  A traumatic event continues to intrude with visual, auditory or body symptoms such as accelerated heart rate, cold sweats, rapid breathing, heart palpitations, and jumpiness.  Victims relive the life-threatening experience, reacting in … Read More

ADHD and Relationships

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Written by Cheryle Sherwood, Registered Psychologist at Serenity Now The more patients I see with Adult ADHD, the more I realize just how pervasive ADHD can be in an individual’s life. The triad of symptoms of inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsivity sound fairly benign when seen on paper, however, seeing how much these impact adult level of functioning is profound. One … Read More

Christmas for Kids!

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The Holiday season is here! The stores are full of Christmas carols, decorations, sales and crowds. Many of us are stressed about getting our shopping done, staying on budget and generally fitting everything in; but what about our kids. Often as adults we think we are the only ones who are stressed about the holidays.  We see our kids excited … Read More

Attachment & Trust

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After becoming a parent, it surprises me how often I hear criticisms about various parenting behaviors. When I first got married, I asked for suggestions on how to be most effective in a relationship and people gave very little feedback. Then I grew a child inside of me and I was invited into this world of constant opinions. Everyone has … Read More

A brief introduction to Hakomi: What is it? What to expect.

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My personal experience. My first exposure to Hakomi was a 30 minute segment that apprehended remarkable insights into myself.  In the course of the two year training I made deep shifts in the way I thought about myself and most significantly my relationship with anxiety. As one of our wise teachers said; “you can’t change the cards you are dealt, … Read More