Easter’s Not Cancelled

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As Easter approaches, it may be disheartening to think about celebrating this holiday without all your family members and friends around. A recent conversation with a friend about her Easter plans reminded me of an important message: Reflect on the true meaning of Easter. Similar to how the purpose of Christmas isn’t about exchanging presents, Easter is beyond painting eggs, … Read More

Sleep Difficulties Resurface during Crisis

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Sleep is an aspect of mental health that fascinates me. I have written posts on sleep hygiene, other sleep techniques, and discussed this aspect of mental health with several of my clients. The area may be of interest to me because I, like many individuals, have issues with sleep. I used to suffer from chronic insomnia – usually associated with … Read More

Non-monogamy during COVID

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This is a hard time to be coping in any relationship. Here are few tips for those in non-monogamous relationships while in isolation. 1. Discuss your own and your partners’ needs Everybody is going to have different needs during this time (like any time). Some partners may want regular check-ins while others feel secure with space. Communicate these needs with … Read More

Coping During a Crisis

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Recent news and social media posts have been centered around COVID-19 and the global impact this virus is having. It is crucial that we continue tending to our self-care needs during stressful circumstances. Self-care practices can promote emotional self-regulation and may help reduce anxiety. Here are 5 ways to cope with stress during a crisis: 1. Connect With Others • … Read More

Curbing Cabin Fever

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A vast majority of individuals and families are likely to experience cabin fever during this time of physical distancing and self-isolation. Have fun being stuck (or as I like to say “safe”) at home by participating in actives that you enjoy. Here are some ideas to keep you and/or your family occupied at home: Animal Cam. Watch wild animals on … Read More

Telepsychology and You

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Telepsychology is the process of receiving health care services through electronic platforms, such as over the phone or through the computer. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, most therapists have started to move therapy online to meet the needs of individuals who are in self isolation. However, even outside of a pandemic, there are clients who may particularly benefit from telepsychology services … Read More

Talking to Children about COVID-19

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Many families may be wondering how to best support their children during these unprecedented times. Preventing the spread of COVID-19 has resulted in drastic changes across our country, and for children school-closures have led to a significant change in their daily routine. Children are likely beginning to process feelings around not seeing their friends or teachers for a while. Some … Read More

Sexual Activity during COVID-19 pandemic

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Sexual health is part of your overall wellbeing. While there is limited research that definitively proves sexual activity (whether partnered or alone) improves your immunities, there are still many benefits to sexual activities. Things to remember about sexual activity Consent is key. When consent and personal autonomy are part of sexual activity individuals are more likely to feel empowered, self-acceptance, … Read More