Confronting Stigma

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  A few years ago, I experienced severe depression that impacted my perspective on how I view mental illness. After struggling for a long period of time with both personal and work-related stresses, I utilized my company’s short-term leave program on my doctor’s recommendation. During the first half of my leave, I couldn’t leave my home during work hours. I … Read More

Meet Jasper

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Jasper’s story is part of our current social media campaign to help us learn from our pets. If you want to see some of the other stories, follow us on Instagram @serenitynowwellness Jasper was one of the most amazing dogs ever! Jasper came to me (Jenn) as a foster dog. He had the longest nails I had ever seen, was … Read More

When Delivering Praise Backfires

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A new study published in Child Development may have you questioning the way you provide praise to your children. You might be used to telling your child they did “an amazing job” or “that was terrific!” But the way you deliver praise might be impacting your child’s self-esteem. The study conducted by Brummelman and colleagues (Brummelman, Nelemans, Thomaes, & Orobio … Read More

Real Men Don’t Cry (or do they)?

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Is it true? ‘Real men’ don’t cry? How sad – maybe they should. There is often a negative stigma surrounding men crying. Some men are afraid to cry and be classified as being ‘weak’, ‘unmanly’, or a ‘wuss’. Maybe it’s because some people feel uncomfortable being around a crying man? I remember one lady telling me, “Ugh – I don’t … Read More

“It’s JUST a headache”

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No!!  In reference to a migraine, I and anyone who experiences migraines will attest that it’s not just a headache. Yet the messages — that we should just take an Advil, just get some sleep, just think positive or exercise more – undermine the impact migraines can have on your life.  I try never to speak for another’s experience, but … Read More


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I recently watched the movie Gifted on an airplane ride back from a conference. It is a heartwarming tale of a brilliant, young, first grader with advanced mathematical abilities. The movie opens with Mary reluctantly attending school for the first time, after being homeschooled by her uncle. After Mary demonstrates exceptional skills in class, her teacher discovers that Mary’s deceased … Read More

Learning to Carry Grief

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It’s no secret that holidays or special occasions can be a difficult time! Busy schedules, stress, family, commitments, the list goes on! Often special occasions are difficult for other reasons, including grief. This Thanksgiving is my third without my dad, who passed away from aggressive brain cancer. Nothing prepares a person for how a few words – “terminal brain cancer” … Read More

On Learning To Refill My Cup

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September marks 5 years since I started my PhD and set in motion a new beginning in Calgary. The past 5 years have been filled with exciting changes, new friends and I continue to love being able to see the mountains on any given day!  There have also been challenges. In the last three years, it seemed there was one … Read More