World Suicide Prevention Day is…Every Day

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Suicide Prevention Day has come and gone. I often take a moment to reflect on my best friend from high school who died by suicide. I still remember my parents waking me up at 3 am saying there was an urgent phone call waiting for me in the kitchen. It was his girlfriend explaining to me that my friend, Colin, … Read More

Poster: “Someone Who Has Been Mentally Abused Will…” by the Depression Project

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  Hello Everyone, This is a good “awareness poster” from the ‘Depression Project’ explaining how a person feels when they are being mentally abused. If you are experiencing mental abuse and want additional assistance, please feel free to contact one of our therapists for help. Keep healthy! Alex *Poster Information: For more information on depression, please feel free to visit … Read More

Being Bullied at Work? Fight back!

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When I was growing up, one of my closest friends was constantly being bullied. They teased him about his looks, his clothes, and the way he talked. I was paralyzed with fear watching the events unfold. Several minutes later, I soon became the next target of these bullies. As we all know, bullying comes in several forms. One of the … Read More

Feeling Lonely? Don’t Worry – You’re Not Alone

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There is a misconception out there that if you’re married, have a partner, etc. that you can’t suffer from loneliness. The truth is – we can all feel lonely at times regardless of our ‘marital status’. In Natasha Frost’s article ‘Lonely People May be Making Themselves Lonelier’, she reports a lonely person can spiral into continued loneliness for years to … Read More

Survival Mode Signs

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Survival mode is when you are doing just enough to make it through the day. You may feel like you’re barely holding it together, hopeless and physically and mentally exhausted. Survival mode can look differently for everyone. If you’ve been experiencing overwhelming stress and identify with the following signs of survival mode, do not hesitate to reach out to the … Read More

Feeling Like You’re Trapped in a Box? Try ‘Box Breathing’ to get you out!

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The past few months sure have brought many new challenges to our lives. Sometimes it has felt like being trapped in a box! Perhaps you’ve been experiencing increased stress or isolation or had to deal with becoming a teacher to your kids while still working full time. Whatever your stressors may be, there are techniques to manage emotions under stress. … Read More

Pride Post: I am mad. I am sad.

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As a queer practitioner, it is important to use my voice and place of privilege to give voice to issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community. However, during this Pride Month, I have found it hard to find the right words to demonstrate my support for my LGBTQ+ community. Every time I have tried to write something empowering or relatable I … Read More

Self-validation is hard – Tips to get started

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Validation is the act of confirming something to be true, worthy, or legitimate. When others validate us we feel understood and accepted, and our relationships can flourish. Self-validation can have similar positive impacts – but it can be hard. Self-validation is accepting your own experiences, thoughts, and feelings as true. This may sound simple, but when you have been through … Read More