Hello Spring!

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As warm days become more common and perennials start poking through the soil, it’s clear that spring is here. Although Calgary woke up to snow today there has been an increase in sunshine and the sun is warmer. The birds have begun to chirp and the city has begun to clean to roads. A sign that the season is changing! … Read More

Coping with Holiday Stress – the SINGLES edition!

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By Marina Agafonov Registered Provisional Psychologist It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or so the song goes anyways, but you have been invited to numerous parties, and you have no one to take with you as your date to that ugly Christmas sweater party. Not to fret! Let me tell you about the awesome parts of being single … Read More

Coping with Rejection

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By Marina Agafonov, registered provisional psychologist Ah, fall, a cozy night in with your sweetheart would be lovely. BUT, here’s the thing – you are single and maybe, yet again experienced a rejection. So let me share a personal story and a sure-fire way to help you cope and nurse yourself back to emotional health. Oftentimes, people think that because … Read More

Four tips to kick procrastination to the curb

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Written by Jasmin Dhillon, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist Procrastination is a fairly common problem – everyone does it! Procrastination is delaying or putting something off for later. It can take the form of sleeping, eating, engaging in other pleasurable activities, or even engaging in tasks that are not as important as the task that is being avoided. For many procrastination can become … Read More

Should I be doing more as a mother? I am exhausted!

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Written by Marina Agafonov, Registered Provisional Psychologist This morning I sat down to chat with Leslie Horton on GlobalNews Calgary about motherhood expectations. Moms place such high expectations on themselves that sometimes they find it hard to live up to their own standards! Remember that you are an expert at this, you know what is best for your child and … Read More

3 myths about Addiction: BUSTED

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Written by Tessa Burns Martin, Owner, Registered Psychologist There are several myths about addiction that if you listen to them, they may impact your treatment. Please read the myths and see if you have believed any of them and find out the reality. Myth #1 The substances that individuals get addicted to are naturally addictive and if used regularly, everyone … Read More