When Grief attends Thanksgiving Dinner

Kayla PearenPsychotherapy

When it comes to grief, holidays and family gatherings can be a painful reminder of one’s loss, particularly during Thanksgiving when the focus is on the feeling of gratefulness – which can be easily overshadowed by grief. While experiencing grief is a normal part of being human, it can often feel that others do not understand our experience or our … Read More

Back to School Check-In

Kayla PearenPsychotherapy

Earlier this month we posted study tips and strategies for those headed back to class in high school and college/university – now it’s time to check-in! An important part of reaching our goals is tracking progress along the way. This can be easy to forget – especially when school assignments, plans with friends or family and other responsibilities are piling … Read More

Study Smarter, Not Harder

Brittney GiacchettaPsychotherapy

With school back into the swing of things, having good study skills will be paramount to the success of students!  Whether you are in high school or heading back to college, here are some study tips and strategies that are scientifically proven to help you succeed. Do not cram! Give yourself enough time to study. The brain needs time to … Read More

What to expect during a therapy consultation

Jennifer MitchellPsychotherapy

Many practices, including Serenity Now Wellness, offer free 15-minute consultations for potential clients. This is one way to experience if the therapist may be a good fit for you. However, potential clients may not always know what questions to ask or what to expect during a consult. What to expect, and items you may want to consider during consultation:   The … Read More

Children and Anxiety

Jennifer MitchellPsychotherapy

As kids head back school, some may be excited about going back to class others may be feeling a bit unsure. Perhaps some kids are heading back to in-person classes for the first time since COVID!  While mask mandates are lifted, some kids may want to continue to wear one and some may be worried about judgement from their peers … Read More

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Telehealth Sessions

Brittney GiacchettaPsychotherapy

There are many different reasons why clients may opt for a video or phone therapy session. For some, it may be a personal preference. For others, they may have a tight schedule, live far away or are confined to their homes. Regardless of the reason, studies show that virtual therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy sessions… if … Read More

Body Image

Brittney GiacchettaPsychotherapy

How often do you look in the mirror and say “If I could lose ten pounds then I would be so much happier” or “Ugh my skin is so bad right now… I would feel so much better if the redness just went away”?  Body image is complex – it encompasses one’s feelings of self-worth and attitudes towards one’s physical body. Both men … Read More

How to Start Practicing Self-Compassion

Katie LairdPsychotherapy

We are often not our own best friends. It can be easy to be hard on yourself about the ups and downs of everyday life, meeting your own and others expectations of you, and only seeing the negative in yourself while being blind to the positives. If you struggle with negative self-talk, you would likely never say the things you … Read More

The Grief Cycle

Morissa LloydPsychotherapy

As humans, we all experience grief throughout our life.  The Grief cycle has five main experiences:  Depression Anger Bargaining  Denial  Acceptance  There is no specific order in which these five main experiences occur during the grief cycle. Many individuals experience a period of depression during grief. At this stage, individuals feel empty and tend to withdraw from life. Feelings of … Read More

The “Window of Tolerance”

Danielle DuskaPsychotherapy

Every person has a range where their emotions, thoughts, and behaviours are regulated, we can refer to this range as their “window of tolerance.” When we are within the range of our window of tolerance we can effectively communicate, observe our thinking patterns, and mediate our behaviours.  When we move either above or below our window of tolerance it can … Read More