‘Battling PTSD’ – Good Blog Article

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Here is a great article from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. The author, P.K. Philips provides a first hand account of her survival battling PTSD. More importantly, she finds peace in seeking help. “My Story of Survival: Battling PTSD” by P.K. Philips *If you find yourself struggling from PTSD, please feel free to contact myself or one of our therapists. … Read More

Addiction is not a choice

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“Addiction is not a choice anyone makes, it’s a response to pain. Not all traumatized people become addicts, but all addicts have been traumatized.” ~ Gabor Mate. I am very passionate about breaking the stories and stigmas of addictions. It has been something I have experienced in many forms and relationships throughout my life, including with myself. Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy … Read More

To Heal We Have To Feel

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To heal it, we have to feel it. Plain, simple and unfortunately sometimes uncomfortable . So many of us are living a life of disrupted sleep, dis-regulated nervous systems, poor digestion, depression, anxiety, pain, fatigue and a whole  host of other trauma affects. Our nervous system has evolved the ability to disconnect, shut down or dissociate from feeling our bodies, feeling … Read More

Why gratitude can feel like a load of crap

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The more I learn about trauma, the more I realize how complex healing is. In October, people are encouraged to reflect and be grateful. And while this is a great message in general – I’ve struggled with this message both personally and professionally. There are plenty of books and articles written on how gratitude is a tool for healing and … Read More

3 Tips to Help with Exam Anxiety

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Have an upcoming exam? Here are three quick tips to help you with your exam anxiety:   1. Take a deep breath or two…or three… Part of exam anxiety stems from shallow breathing or…not breathing at all! In simple terms, shallow breathing causes your body to panic thinking it’s not getting enough oxygen. Deep breathing techniques allow your body and … Read More

Back to school and structure: Six tips for getting organized

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In the fall, getting back to school, work and your regular routine may feel overwhelming. Making goals that are small, achievable, and practical can help you feel more structured and in control. Some helpful tips include: Use a calendar and/or day planner with everything for work, school, self-care, kids, etc., all in one place (perhaps color coded) Divide up large … Read More

Supporting Men’s Health

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In light of men’s health month, I would like to say something around celebrating those individuals in our lives who identify as men.  I want to honour the process men have to go through and encourage men to reach out to support networks. There are so many dynamics to the Male experience that I deeply respect and will never fully understand. … Read More