Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy: Relating to health

Tessa Burns MartinBody work and Yoga, Chronic Pain

BCST is a gentle yet profound way of working with the body using skilled hands, light touch and a quality of sensitivity and presence from the practitioner. The nature of the work is to support different systems within the body so it can come into its natural state of healing and repair. Touch has a powerful way of encouraging profound responses from the physiology of the body. BCST brings out the natural healing capabilities of our intelligent body systems in ways that do not re-trigger or re-traumatize. Rather it allows the tissues of the body, the nervous system and the psyche to disentangle from past experiences without having to re-hash or re-live the story.

Fundamentally at its foundations this work is supporting a balancing and regulating of the nervous system. By allowing this system to move from trauma into a state of health and homeostasis. By moving from the fight & flight response or dissociation/freeze/shutdown response. The body systems begin to mobilize in a healthy way, to cool off or slow down, to work in a more optimal functioning capacity.  Supporting the tissue, fluid and energy systems of the body. Bringing forth deeper vibrancy, connection and ease.

There is a beautiful element to this work that is very unique to craniosacral contact. It is in its way of relating to health. Relating to health means that as the therapist is contacting the clients body system they are noticing what is feeling well, what is “going right”. Where are the resources in the client and how do they relate to them? Where is there a sense of spaciousness or wellness? This helps the process of being embodied. Being embodied means you can feel your feet on the ground, tension in your calves, your seat in your chair, and the length of your spine. It is important to be able to feel our bodies so that these healing mechanisms can come through. BCST is supporting safety in this unfolding, safety in ones own life experiences. This is a beautiful way of working with people. A way that allows for the intelligent forces of our human design to move from places of dies-ease to healing. One of trauma to empowerment. One of pain or discomfort to more harmony and serenity. When the body is approached in such a way that its health is being acknowledged and reflected back, powerful, long lasting shifts can occur.

Our bodies are constantly in motion. We have rhythmical phenomena’s of tidal expressions of the deep and superficial fluid spaces of the body. These continuous motions are constantly putting the body in a place of flux, of contractions and expansions. As therapists we tune in to this phenomena with skilled hands, we are able to sense these subtle movements within our clients systems. When these rhythms are hindered or some deep holding pattern, pain pattern or compressions are present, bodies show where something needs to adjust. By contacting this area with our hands, as well as a neutral, gentle approach and listen to how the body is expressing it, we support the possibility of change to come through. Of self adjusting to occur, and it does! 

The body is miraculous. Craniosacral therapists know this. We honour it by respecting the different processes, how it is contacted, not forcing any expectations on it and by knowing fundamentally, in all life, there is health. When that health is encouraged, seen and supported deep healing can occur. 

With deep respect and gratitude for all life and how we are connected to it all. I invite you to join me for a session.