Back to the Future: Check in with your inner child.

wpengineMarina Agafonov, Psychotherapy, Relationship

October 21, 2015 is BACK TO THE FUTURE day!

The now cult-classic film “Back to the Future” came out in 1985, and in the iconic film Marty McFly goes to the future which is dated October 21, 2015. Today has been dubbed “back to the future” day and people are having a giggle about the 80’s version of the future. My social media feed is filled with humorous recollections of what you thought the future would look like.

This is a great reminder for us to check back in with our inner child and remember what we had imagined for the future. No, I’m not talking about futuristic silver outfits but I’m talking about your hopes and dreams for yourself.

A unique technique in psychotherapy actually gets you in touch with your inner child; this helps you to understand some of your behaviour patterns that are occurring today. For instance your inner child may be responsible for your self-sabotage, or perhaps you’ve neglected your inner child altogether?

When I was 5, I saw a wedding for the first time in my young life and since then I would say “when I grow up I want to be a bride!” this ambition I am embarrassed to admit continued well into my teen years. Every now and then I reminded of this inner child goal, and can see now that it was really about my valuing family, a deeper connection and strong relationships. That inner child value still drives how I connect with people and how I see relationships in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes just like a small child my values skew towards the immature, and that’s when I have to reign in the inner child.

Therefore, today I encourage you to check in with your inner child. Check in with your dreams and goals you had as a child. Are you living the life you had imagined?

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