Back to School Check-In

Kayla PearenPsychotherapy

Earlier this month we posted study tips and strategies for those headed back to class in high school and college/university – now it’s time to check-in!

An important part of reaching our goals is tracking progress along the way. This can be easy to forget – especially when school assignments, plans with friends or family and other responsibilities are piling up. Here are some self-reflection questions that can help you to track your progress this semester: 

  • Is my to-do list manageable, or am I prioritizing too many things? 
  • Am I moving too fast? Are there moments throughout the day where I can slow down? 
  • What is one thing I want to change to my daily/weekly routine? 
  • Do I need to change any habits to fill my cup (feel better)? 
  • Am I accomplishing my goals? 
  • Am I making enough time to care for my basic needs (sleep, food, water, hygiene, etc.)? 

Think of this process as if you were checking in on a friend and consider: 

  • What might you say to that friend? 
  • How would you approach the conversation? Would you be kind, caring, gentle? 
  • How would you let this friend know that they are doing a good job? Would you tell them “great work!”, “keep it up!” or “I’m proud of you!?” 

If can be difficult to approach ourselves with kindness. Sometimes it takes practice to become more comfortable with this. Just remember – if you would choose to be kind to your friend, why not to yourself?

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