EMDR Treatment

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), is a psychotherapy to help reduce the impact of distressing experiences from the past (big or small) that intrude on your present-day life.  It is used to treat troubling symptoms such as anxiety, depression, anger, panic, guilt, and any post-traumatic reactions.  It can also be helpful in enhancing emotional resources such as self-esteem and … Read More

Coping With Stress

Jasmin Dhillon, PHDPsychotherapy, StressLeave a Comment

Life can be stressful.  The source of stress can be varied – both positive events (e.g., planning a wedding) and negative events (e.g., loss of a family member) can be stressful. We may often wish we could get rid of the stress in our lives entirely, however this is not realistic. It is more realistic to develop skills to manage … Read More