Argh – Feeling That Morning Dread? Try This To Snap Out Of It


Is it me or are there some mornings you just don’t want to get out of bed? Your ‘morning mind’ is clouded with things to do, places to go, and tasks to complete.

Argh – let’s hit that snooze button one more time – what harm will it do? Ok – hit that snooze button again…zzz….

Ok – STOP IT! You’ve got stuff to do today.

Author Daryl Chen suggests that this is a common experience we all struggle with. Most of the time we explain it away with our current state of emotions or some sort of self-inflicted procrastination.

But what if it was more of a physiological cause?

In the article, “Ask One Question to Help Dispel Your Morning Dread”, Chen interviews Neuroscientist Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett. She suggests these early morning feelings could be due to a physical issue rather than emotional.

More specifically, she suggests our brains are looking for some sort of explanation for these unpleasant feelings and it automatically defaults to our state of emotions.

When we wake up, Dr. Barrett suggests we should first mentally scan our bodies. Then take a moment and ask ourselves; could these ‘feelings of dread’ be because we’re tired, dehydrated, hungry, etc.

If so, make sure we take care of those physical needs first and then decide what other explanations it could be.

Hmmmm…sounds like a good idea. Cold pizza anybody? 😉

Keep safe & healthy everyone!


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Article link: “Ask One Question to Help Dispel Your Morning Dread” by Daryl Chen