ADHD and Macronutrients

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Written by Cheryle Sherwood, Registered Psychologist

After attending a recent symposium at the University of Calgary, I was astounded and very much excited at the recent research being done on the efficacy on macronutrients and the treatment of mental health disorders.

The organizers were not advertising any one product and had purposefully stayed away from ‘big pharma’ supporting their event, a detail that I was impressed by, knowing how difficult it was to organize anything in the mental health community without utilizing pharmaceutical company money.

The research that they presented was even more impressive; clinical trials comparing placebo with macronutrients indicated that macronutrients were significantly more effective than placebo at treating ADHD symptoms.

The macronutrient that was the most interesting to me was Omega 3. While the study also compared a supplement that contains various macronutrients, the results for straight Omega 3 were impressive.

The researchers concluded that 2000mg daily of Omega 3 were as efficacious as a trial of stimulants in the treatment of symptoms of ADHD. This information was mind blowing to me. Seriously? Fish oil can help treat a neurobiological condition that affects the dopaminergic and noradrenergic levels in the prefrontal cortex the same as a stimulant medication?

Good news for those of you out there who are adverse to stimulants, or don’t want to medicate your children with pharmaceuticals.

You can check out the study via the link below:

Site describing Dr. Rucklidge research program: