Addiction is not a choice

Tessa Burns MartinBiodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Body work and Yoga

Addiction is not a choice anyone makes, it’s a response to pain. Not all traumatized people become addicts, but all addicts have been traumatized.
~ Gabor Mate.

I am very passionate about breaking the stories and stigmas of addictions. It has been something I have experienced in many forms and relationships throughout my life, including with myself. Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy along with counselling saved my life and I see it helping other people clinically everyday.

BCST can help the body to unravel from the held, suppressed, misunderstood experiences of trauma. In a respectful, heartfelt, judge free way. It brings people back into a relationship with their health and resources. This clears and heals, making space in the body which allows for new patterns to emerge. The brain has plasticity to it, it can change, remap, rewire. The power and beauty of this touch and way of relating to the body allows our innate intelligence to deal with what has happened in a gentle and easy way. This helps to regulate the nervous system, the base of body functions. By supporting a state of balance in this system we can begin to manage a host of symptoms. These results come in many forms for folks. Some ways are: anxiety is reduced, sleep becomes easier, digestive fire and mobility increases, pain and fatigue tones down, mood elevates, cognitive function (ability to concentrate, focus, think clearly) heightens and relationships can become easier.

I come to the table with a neutral, empathic, sensitive approach. This work allows me to bring safety and compassion into the treatment. Sessions are client led, paced and slow to create the right container for the time needed to process whatever my client is experiencing.

I know the power of touch. I see everyday in the clinic and the classroom how being neutral, in a deep state of listening and not attached to an outcome is what our systems are desperately seeking. I trust the intelligent forces of our creation wholeheartedly. With time and presence we can disentangle from some of the weight that life has put on us. Our bodies are capable, but not always alone. Having someone to be there with us and for us, shinning back some accurate reflection is a profound way to release and reorganize our patterns.

If you are struggling, ready to make a change, don’t know where to start or need to just be held and heard in neutrality, this work is for you. I am beyond grateful and humbled everyday by the power of biodynamics and dedicated to sharing it with the world so I can help as many people as I can. The way I have been. Healing is possible. Change is possible. Life is meant for thriving.