Calgary Psychologists, Massage Therapists,
Dietitians, and Yoga Therapists


To harness the power of integrated wellness for physical and mental healing.

Mission Statement:

By combining our professional expertise in both mind and body therapies, we are enabling individuals to understand  and appreciate the interconnectedness of their brains and bodies and deepen both their short and long-term healing.

Life offers you a wide range of challenges: physical, spiritual, and emotional. But, through it all, you desire to live in well-being; to enjoy a life that is free of stress, free of anxiety, and free of chaos.

At Serenity Now, you will have access to our team of Calgary psychologists, mental health counsellors, massage therapists, dietitians, and yoga therapists who are dedicated to creating a peaceful and relaxing therapeutic environment, enabling you to work through a diverse range of issues, including:

Our committed team of counsellors and body work therapists in Calgary are Mental Health Professionals who believe that the road to proper healing combines both mental and physical treatments to help regulate the entire body.

Serenity Now was created with this “mind-body” approach at the forefront to help you discover helpful solutions to life’s challenges.

Therefore we have several Body Work Therapy sessions available at Serenity Now

We are here to help you discover the tools and resources you need to move through your fears, anxiety, and other concerns in a safe, supportive environment. You may be experiencing feelings of real distress, whether that be physical, mental, or emotional stress, in your everyday life. However, with our committed team of Calgary Mental Health Professionals, you will experience “Serenity Now.”

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