Yoga People and Their Mats!

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As some of you may know, I am an Integrative Somatic Yoga Practitioner, and I am so passionate about supporting clients to better health, by means of integrative health modalities. But the truth is, these words literally came out of my mouth about 11 years ago. I couldn’t figure it out. Nor had I given it a chance.

The dedication, the loyalty and the community. Wow! How can this be, all that and a bag of chips?!? Well, life decided to show me the hard way by a car accident, 10 years ago. From super athletic to walking. In fact, I had just finished rock climbing (11 a/b) that night and was on my way home when it happened.

So the tell all story, is that the main thing that was a turning point of my chronic pain, was a Dynamic Yin yoga class on Monday, and then a Restorative yoga class on Tuesday. I noticed my health was continuing to improve at about 3 months. A little shocked, but pleasantly surprised.

I ate my words with grace, and was humbled. Now I get the yoga people and their mats! I became one, got over it and loved the community.

What men are interested in a yoga class for dudes, taught by me, this fall?!?

Which mixed couples are ready to have some fun, get moving again and learn to play around with your partner, in a yoga/movement class this fall?!?

Virginia Masse RYT
Integrative Somatic Yoga Practitioner
BCST student in training

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