What Mask Do You Have On Today?

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Come on, let’s face it … We all put on a mask or two, either in our current professional life or have previous experiences with this personally. Or is it a chronic habit, that enables the life you are leading?

Why do we choose to pretend so much? How is it that we are so strong in so many areas of our lives, and for those around us (let’s not forget about that), but those few things can just stop us in our tracks? Why do we struggle with being raw and true?

So here’s a couple of examples from my experience with wearing masks. I’m not the greatest swimmer; that’s the truth. I’d drown quickly if it weren’t for safety devices. However, I participate in water activities as much as I can, in whatever way is available to me be it a life jacket, kick board or pool noodle. As long as I have one of those safety measures, I challenge myself to go play, instead of hiding behind my mask of excuses, and the mask of lying to myself, and everyone else too. The response I usually get is amazing and supportive from whomever is participating.

To me, my motto is simple … Just show up. Will the real you, just show up.

Here’s a little something else too. I never used to get jokes… of any kind, and it all started with growing up in a stiff conservative foster family, where there weren’t jokes or much laughter. Finally, at about 19, I said enough is enough. The next time I don’t get a joke I’m just going to say so, instead of laughing along, pretending with my humour mask. To my surprise, as nervous as I was, it went pretty smooth, huh! When they explained it to me and of course I got it, then we both laughed. Ballsy for a 19 year old, if I do say so myself! My life from then on, around jokes became a manageable turn of events.

Let’s start liking the person who is behind the masks we choose to wear. Let’s give a damn about what’s hiding behind them a little more than what the mask represents. Shed some light, let’s take a peak. Sometimes we need that someone to support us in taking that leap toward better health. As an Integrative Practitioner, who has worked through over 10 years of improving my own health, I’ll give a damn with you, just ask me to.

Virginia Masse
Integrative Somatic Yoga Practitioner

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