What is Courage Anyways?

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Doesn’t it depend on each of our situations, perspective of a sense of bravery and the notion to step up ‘n grab the bull by its horns! I dunno. Why does it often take life to shove you off that edge, to make your life a little better, more fruitful and have pleasant days, every day?

Well, I believe and have experienced listening to life’s whispers intently with a conviction in each moment they passed by. Little by little, I began to have a wee bit more left in me at the end of each day, which led to a few more. I won’t say “before I knew it …”; ‘ cause it wasn’t the case. The life I remembered I was in, was gonzo, poof… disappeared. I fought it, I resisted, I was determined to beat this. Oh, boy, I was I dead wrong. The more I chased to get better, the farther my system ran, holding me prisoner to chronic pain.

I no longer was the multifaceted athlete. I cried ‘n cried. There is no way a person can have tears left, the amount I cried. After 5 long, hard, irritating years I chose to take a look at the face that stared back at me in the mirror. It was in those moments when I realized I was freaked out at who was staring back because I didn’t recognize the face or the body.

Nobody tells you about this part. Nobody says, “hey you are going to go through years of struggle ‘n anger where you’ll just about want to give up and then maybe if you’re lucky, someone reaches out and touches you, literally.” I look back and wished I had had ‘that someone’ like me, to be a part of what you may be going through right now.

My eyes still glaze over a bit at the thought of the ‘ol me & the life of memories, yet I am the happiest I’ve been in years on so many levels.

Courage for me is to always trudge forward. Remember the small steps are everything.

In Good Health,

Virginia Masse RYT
Integrative Somatic Yoga Practitioner

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