Squish your Ego!

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Ego, to me, is your big head getting in the way of a big heart. If we stripped away all the layers like an onion, there sits the bulb or the core of what is, or who we are. Instead, we allow this thing we call our ego, to get in the way of truly hearing with compassion, listening to the honest truth and evaluating from our heart of hearts.

We must love being here, because it is constantly present. I see it, am witness to it and hear its conversation amongst many.

Why can’t we just own up to our shit, or our mishaps, be honourable to ourselves first, and to others? You must look in the mirror and notice that you’re lying or being untruthful to some extent, no? Maybe not if you’re in more moments of ego than living your truth. We all screw up now and again. So what? Get over yourself, learn a lesson and move forward with grace and dignity.

Ego attracts drama. Humble and honour fulfills the soul. I choose to ask for permission rather than beg for forgiveness.

I’ve been asked to “not be” a certain way to others because of their behaviours and actions, to which affect me personally. And I simply say I hold high morals for myself, and live my values daily, and I will not downgrade my character to which I pride myself through compassion and strength. I surround myself with those that also hold themselves accountable with an element of honour.

Virginia Masse, RYT
Integrative Somatic Yoga Practitioner
BCST student in training

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