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What got me to where I am today? Undeniable courage, trust, faith and a drive to go beyond what was suggested by means of our Western medical system.

I have always been the type of person who’s had introspection, could see the essence of my being and contributed to society. The person I am to myself and to that of others, is one in which I live my values.

Life to me is a dance between a harmonious rhythm ‘n flow of accepting and gliding within what presents itself through this thing we call our journey and those edges or whispers, that gently get passed our way.

Young at heart, with somewhat of an ol’ soul, I have endured this sense of knowing who I am since a child, after my mother passed away. For this I am blessed and thankful. I knew even back then, that there was a positive reason why my family was being split up. It has always been in my genetic makeup or blueprint, shall I say.

There have been great moments throughout my journey, where the claws of life have gripped me so tight. One being, a car accident 9 some years ago that was pretty life altering, to where I was at at the time.

My next chapters of true exploration, expression and experience began, to which guided me quietly to becoming an Integrative Somatic Yoga Practitioner today. I wish now, that back then, I had a “me” to reach out to. I believe small steps matter in developing a better you.

As a part of Serenity Now Wellness Centre Team, I am here to offer that safety, support and service through Restorative techniques which promote, encourage and empower self healing to arise within your system. Through patience and commitment, we are all able to activate our own Relaxation Response to have a sense of being free again.

In my situation, I experienced a positive shift with my chronic pain within a four month period through a Restorative, Yin and Gentle Yoga practice, one time per week. I also experienced great results of improved movement and flexibility by a number of Thai Yoga Massage sessions. As well I experienced the benefits of regular Essential Oil sessions. As a part of a proactive plan, it boosted the health of my Immune System, calmed my nerves and mood, while relieving muscle tension and pain which led to proper sleep habits too all the while enhancing the function of organ health.

I invite you to stop in or give me a call to chat about how I may support you in exploring new ways to improve your existing health regime.

Thank you. I am honoured you have taken the time to fully read my personal and professional story.

In Good Health,

Virginia Masse

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