Group Yoga Practice: What’s Holding You Back?

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Is it the tight pants?
I support and relay the importance of basics within yoga integration of body connection and movements for yourself as an individual as the priority amongst fellow students, in the group settings. I’ve shown up in stretchy jeans or khakis, and demonstrated that my class style is available to all bodies, and is about your individual comfort and style.

Is it the conventional group setting?
I am an interactive facilitator, holding space in a neutral environment where you can be yourself while learning and building a sense of community. I thrive on students’ willingness to express, explore and experience new variations of yoga based postures, and to attempt gentle somatic based movements for the first time. Soft music and quiet time are supported, as both contribute to the quality of healthy, bodily response.

Is it the size of the class?
Boutique, small group classes allow me to offer my variety of students a minimum of two individual, hands-on adjustments per session. Each of you will receive personal attention and unique tips via name recognition. This may mean a prop for your support, or an enhancement. Even if you are capable, I encourage to challenge your nervous system with some variations within the group dynamics.

Virginia Masse RYT
Integrative Somatic Yoga Practitioner
BCST Student in Training

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