Faith ‘n Trust Go Hand in Hand!

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Take it how you may, but it’s not necessarily a religious thing. In my opinion it’s about the truth in believing, and with that, trust comes along for the ride!

When we believe inherently with all of our heart, the elements of faith ‘n trust go hand in hand. I intuitively knew that great things were going to come about from my first car accident a decade ago. Did I know what or when? No, of course not. It’s not how life works. I had faith ‘n trust in the process of letting go of that, so as to allow the universal system to flow.

How long did that take? Well for me, it was about a 6 year process. Honouring my faith ‘n trust led me to my current Integrative Health Practice today, where I am in a position to support others who are suffering from chronic pain via techniques of light touch therapy. It is so nurturing to have this type of touch. Please give it a try.

There were many moments of mental strain that dampened my emotionally stable disposition, which tested my patterns of healthy behaviour and eventually turned to a short path with symptoms of mild depression.

I was thankful for the Psychologist that was able to recognize my situation and support my journey to better health, in a clinical way. When I reflect back, I wished I had an Integrative Health Practitioner (like myself) working hand in hand through the duration. My sister’s counselling sessions often left her emotionally drained and unable to legally drive. But a back-to-back 60 minute light touch technique therapy, brought her system closer to homeostasis.

This is another reason why I specifically chose to work with the Psychologists here at Serenity Now Wellness.

Let’s have a chat as to how I may support you through some health challenges.

In Good Health,
Virginia Masse

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