reikiA system of natural healing involving the laying on of hands. It is not a massage. During a reiki treatment, the practitioner places their hands in a number of positions above or on the client’s body, sending healing universal life energy wherever it needs to go in the body. Reiki helps to break up energy blockages within the body, allowing healing energy to flow again freely and stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.



At Serenity Now, you will have access to our team of Calgary psychologists, mental health counsellorsmassage therapistsdietitians, and yoga therapists who are dedicated to creating a peaceful and relaxing therapeutic environment, enabling you to work through a diverse range of issues, including:

We are here to help you discover the tools and resources you need to move through your fears, anxiety, and other concerns in a safe, supportive environment. You may be experiencing feelings of real distress, whether that be physical, mental, or emotional stress, in your everyday life. However, with our committed team of Calgary Mental Health Professionals, you will experience “Serenity Now.”

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