Your teenager is facing many challenges. Their brain is going through major changes to make it more efficient. Their body and hormones are fluctuating on a daily basis. All while they are trying to understand who they are and how they fit into this large place called the world. They may be feeling confused, misunderstood, sad, angry, or anxious. As a parent, you may find it difficult to fully understand what your teenager is experiencing since they may be sharing less with you and gravitating towards their friends. However, their friends are often experiencing the same changes and struggles. This may help your teenager feel accepted and normal, but how can their friends help them when they are experiencing the same challenges.

Adolescent CounsellingWe can work with you and your teenager to make sense of this confusing time. By meeting your teenager at their level, using creative approaches such as music, art, mind-body techniques, we can work with them to explore their experiences, to develop awareness of themselves and others, and to learn the skills and strengths they need to manage and overcome the challenges they are facing.

As a parent you with be asked to be a valuable member of the counselling experience. You may be asked to join in the sessions or to support your teenagers at the end of the session. You will gain insight into your teenager’s world and the skills and resources to support your teenager as they journey through these fascinating times. Together you will be able to leave this journey feeling empowered that you both have the ability to face and overcome any new challenges that you may face: Self-esteem, Body image, Eating disorders, Divorce, Behavioural concerns, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship problems, Family conflict, School concerns/stress, Peer problems, Parent/teen conflict