Child-Focused CounsellingYou see your child sad, upset, anxious, confused, frustrated or helpless. Your first response is to help them, but how when you yourself feel confused, anxious, frustrated, or helpless. What can you do to help your child to deal with the situation they are facing?

We can work with you and your family to explore and overcome these challenges. Rather than dragging your child into the adult world of traditional counselling, we will use expressive techniques to meet your child at their developmental level. Using a creative and playful approach, your child will learn how to identify and express how they are feeling, while building up their own resources and strengths to cope with the challenges they are experiencing.

As a parent you will play an integral role in supporting your child’s counselling experience by meeting with us to explore the successes and challenges that are happening. We will work together to develop insight into your child’s feelings, behaviours and needs. Both you and your child will walk away from this experience feeling empowered. You will have the skills and strengths to overcome these challenges: Anxiety, Self-esteem, Bullying, Sadness, Behaviour concerns, Divorce, Anger, Social difficulties, School concerns, Fears.

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