Most of the issues that people want to resolve in counselling rarely have a logical explanation. For most people, the desire to seek counselling arises because they can not understand how to work through the issues on their own. After all, if you know what you need to do differently and are capable of following through with that change, then you would not need to seek counselling.

brain bodyWe love to have a logical answer as to why we do some of the things we do. But, sometimes our behaviours are not logical. Since our frontal lobes, which are responsible for our higher-order thinking, are not developed until we are 25 years old, we are using a part of our body to understand something that may not have been fully developed when the pattern was put in place.

So, of course we will find that all the books and all the therapy does not work because we are trying to use the wrong tools to fix the problem. It’s no different than using a hammer to repair a leaky faucet. Hammers are very necessary tools but put to work on the wrong job and you will not get the results you need. That is why it is so important to look at the body in treatment because it often holds the keys to what areas of your life might be affected by unconscious patterns. At Serenity Now Wellness Centre, Inc., it is our mission to help people achieve wellness through the increasing understanding and awareness of the mind-body connection. For more information you can get a FREE Total Body Wellness Assessment or speak to a member of our team by calling (403) 454-7600 or emailing