Silhouetted loving couple walking at sunset

Most people believe they understand the concept of boundaries. We equate boundaries with our need for personal space. But, boundaries are so much more than personal space. Boundaries help us express our essence. So, at Serenity Now, the boundary is used as an experiential exercise and as a diagnostic tool to understand how the client engages in everyday life.

In body-focused counselling, boundaries are equated more with the container for our being, rather than a need for personal space. In counselling sessions, you will use string to help you achieve a sense of your boundary. This boundary will be felt in your body and can create a variety of sensations. For many people, a healthy boundary will allow the client to reduce tension in his/her body because the body no longer has to hold space. Also, the boundary exercise will be useful to help clients achieve separateness while maintaining connection to another. This dynamic will be demonstrated in the client/counsellor dynamic and will be a useful tool to help in relationships and in issues of identity. The boundaries created in the counselling session will be one of the most useful tools achieved during the process because it will help you connect with your true self and be able to get a better sense of your body and breath awareness.