Virginia Masse - Calgary Yoga Teacher

Registered Yoga Teacher, Somatic Movement Coach, Integrative Health Practitioner

“I am passionate about helping others through their journey to better health. Having experienced 6 years of chronic pain, I learned the art of perseverance to improve my health further, by means of more Eastern based modalities and through breath, to connect mind and body systems to harmonize. ”

About Virginia Masse

As a Registered Yoga Teacher as well a Somatic Movement Coach, Virginia is committed to supporting growth & healing of the mind as well as body awareness through light touch techniques.

Beliefs and Values

Virginia incorporates healing modalities which include: Thai Yoga Bodywork, Restorative Yoga & my Signature Essential Oil sessions. She strongly believe in the importance of holistic health, integrating a few practice styles to address the root of issues. These combinations empower your body to shift from a hyper or hypo Sympathetic / Parasympathetic Nervous System, towards a more harmonious state of well-being. Your healing processes naturally, as you are able to activate your own Relaxation Response, thus allowing your body to heal more readily.

Individual sessions are based on the clients’ presenting needs and desires. Virginia’s style and techniques encourage personal space and comfort for improved movement as well as inspiration of sensory awareness to feel within, as a whole being. Stress and held tension melt away over time and this enhancement within the whole body, offers your system to function at optimal levels once again.

Virginia is fueled by invitations to connect with like-minded people, sparking ideas, learning and sharing, all within a sense of building community. She is an active, creative and involved integrative practitioner. Virginia is in a 2 year program to become a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist by summer of 2018, to which she is so excited to share and be of service to the process of self-healing.