Virginia Masse - Calgary Yoga Teacher

Registered Yoga Teacher, Somatic Movement Coach, Integrative Health Practitioner

“I am passionate about helping others through their journey to better health. Having experienced years of chronic pain, I learned the art of perseverance to improve my health further, by means of modalities such as various yoga studies, movement exploration and the assistance of essential oils for healing properties, for over 7 years. ”

About Virginia

As a Registered Yoga Teacher trained in Thai Yoga Massage and certified as a Somatic Movement Coach, Virginia infuses her passion for light touch therapies, energy work, supportive movements and stretching with breathing techniques as a part of her integrative practice.

Her compassion and knowledge as a practitioner, creates a space of safety for clients who express symptoms of chronic pain, tight muscles and emotional and mental stress to both private or group session. She is creative in exploring supportive, unique and meaningful sessions with each individual and has a love for assisting those who live with rheumatoid / arthritis, whip lash and have sensitivities to bruising easily or those who prefer relaxation from light touch techniques, such as seniors.

Virginia’s treatments are mindful to your disrobing comfort levels. Her Thai yoga bodywork (inner awareness / sensory movement), somatic movement (brain reeducation with muscle coordination), biodynamic craniosacral therapy (nervous system / whole body health) and all yoga sessions are fully clothed, with the exception of her signature essential oil / raindrop sessions, where there is minimum exposure of the back & feet.

Beliefs and Values

Virginia believes that by carefully listening to cues and information from her clients, each experience offers a sense of personal empowerment and a deep felt sense of relaxation. As the body makes shifts to better health, held tension is released naturally from your body. Virginia believes in the support system and tools of both holistic and science based healing integration. When the body’s system has gained that integral support through light touch, enhanced communication of the mind and the body’s physiology is able to access a healthier, more vibrant functional nervous system for optimal health. This sense of renewal and letting go of old habitual patterns in our tissues, invites an inner quality of health once again.

Every body can always use a little more TLC, as we are becoming a society where there is less and less nurturing touch. Virginia believes that expressing the body through somatic movement enhances our natural behaviours of playfulness. Her beliefs in exploring our sensory awareness tunes us into a higher quality of self regulation, enabling fresh signals to our brain to release stress and tension. Virginia believes the importance of experiencing the various modalities in a safe environment, develops a relationship of trust within yourself and a sense of community amongst others. She values education and continues to learn through professional trainings and workshops.

Virginia’s Areas of Expertise

Light Touch Techniques
Thai Yoga Bodywork
Brain & Body movement re-education
Restorative Yoga for relaxation
Stability / Flexibility
Chronic Pain

Please feel free to contact Virginia directly by email, phone, or book online.