Lead Practitioner, Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Therapist, Thai Yoga Therapist, Educator


“I believe that through being open about our failures and vulnerable about our challenges that we can support one another in releasing feelings of self-doubt and self-hatred. That in doing this, we can transform the social norms of competitiveness and isolation that are so prevalent in our society.  When I work with you, so much of what you share, helps heal a little part of me too. It truly is an honour to share the tools that I have learned on this journey with you.”

About Stefani

Stefani is a nurturing practitioner who brings a passion for supporting individuals experiencing anxiety, depression and stress to her practice. A registered massage therapist trained in Thai yoga massage and certified in yoga therapy, Stefani integrates cranio-sacral therapy, energy work, breathing techniques and supportive stretches and movements into her massage treatments. She creates meaningful sessions for the people she works with and specializes in working with Pregnancy and Infertility. Sessions are about supporting you in releasing areas of held tension, freeing your breath and shifting your nervous system into a deeply relaxed state. Clients can expect an experience where they feel truly cared for whether experiencing table massage, Thai yoga massage or yoga therapy on the mat.

Please feel free to contact Stefani directly by email, phone, or book online.