Registered Massage Therapist

“My love of the human body and its anatomy has led to years of developing hands-on skills. This, paired with my own personal challenges, experiences and discoveries in emotional intelligence, has created an insatiable desire to learn and further understand the mind-body connection. I wish to cultivate my ability to support those on their own journey with an empathic capacity.”

About Natalie

Natalie Merrick has been an active massage therapist in Calgary for the past decade. Accredited with 2200 hours of training in Alberta, Natalie specializes in treatment and management of a variety of physical injuries, both acute and chronic, and conditions such as joint and connective tissue disorders, including TMJ dysfunction and headaches. Her ‘relaxapeutic’ style allows her to focus on addressing stress reduction and relaxation from a therapeutic scope. She practices with a compassionate intention to help clients in achieving a balance between physical manifestations of stress and tension, and emotional awareness and well-being.

Quiet, attuned stillness is descriptive of a treatment on Natalie’s table. Allowing you to nurture the attention to feelings of the body with a reflective mind is a top priority. Client direction and feedback is encouraged to customize and maximize benefits of your treatment. It is an established personal mindfulness and yoga routine that she is inspired to support you.

When not enjoying her work or being on the yoga mat, you can find Natalie ‘forest bathing’ in the mountains with friends, paddling down an Alberta river with her husband or cycle touring happily alone on quiet roads.