Registered Massage Therapist

Daniel Goh comes from a background of counselling and social work and had worked with behavioural change, mental health, and relationships for more than ten years. His transition to massage therapy was a result of his continued desire to work with people and after nine years of providing massage therapy treatments, he found that effective body work can be grounded in the principles of mindfulness, intention, and calmness. The mind-body connection is huge in freeing up the restrictions manifested in the physical body.

When Daniel first began, he excelled in doing deep tissue work – helping runners and athletes heal and recover from strains and sprains, and helping people with very tight upper back, neck, and shoulder strains. But in the last couple of years, he began seeing the value of engaging and working with the patient on a deeper level of healing and recovery involving the mind and spirit. So while tensions and stresses are released bodily, the mind and spirit is also engaged to move to a place of rest and recovery.

Release, soothe, and calm would aptly describe the process of treatment that Daniel strives to create and achieve with the patient.

Daniel is a father of two children ages 10 and 11 and outside of work, he loves running, hiking and the outdoors. Most of all, he loves playing soccer but that had to end after his ACL was torn five years ago. He has participated in biathlons (and one sprint triathlon), running races, adventure races, and two mountaineering expeditions in Nepal. He loves to travel and has been to Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Finland, the UK, Germany, Spain, the Canary Islands, Mauritius, the Maldives, Peru, Mexico, and USA.

Please feel free to contact Daniel directly by email, phone, or book online.