Bev Janisch is a coach, speaker, author and founder of The Compassionate Mind.  Bev has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Alberta, and a Masters in Nursing from the University of Calgary.  Bev became certified as a meditation and mindfulness teacher and coach.  She is passionate about sharing tools in order for people to increase their physical, emotional and spiritual resilience.  Bev is the co-author of two books: Inspiration For a Women’s Soul: Opening to Gratitude and Grace, and When Women Talk: Empowering Each Other One Story at a Time. She is a regular contributor to Trifecta Magazine and is working on her third book.


Bev loves working with women who are ready to thrive in their lives.  She developed a signature three-month coaching program specifically for women who are ready to embark on an inner journey to connect with themselves, let go of what’s holding them back, gain clarity about who they are and step fully into their best self. Women who work with Bev receive a proven set of powerful tools and techniques to take inspired action and transform their lives.  Bev believes that when women live life from the inside out, they experience greater meaning, fulfillment, joy and peace of mind.


Bev offers meditation and mindfulness training and workshops in both group and private formats. She is available for one-on-one coaching for women who are ready to dig in and sparkle!