Are you addicted?

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The field of addictions is very fascinating because addictions can be far-reaching and affect so many people in so many different ways. I got into the field of addiction accidentally. I was working with men and women who had been charged with a domestic violence offences and had agreed to counselling as a term of their probation. Of course, many of … Read More

“Shelf” Help

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We truly live in the information age. We can find the answers to almost everything by typing a search on Google. But sometimes all this information can be detrimental. Working with people I have found two major problems with all the information they have available to them: 1. There are so many different views or beliefs out there that it … Read More

ADHD and Macronutrients

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Written by Cheryle Sherwood, Registered Psychologist After attending a recent symposium at the University of Calgary, I was astounded and very much excited at the recent research being done on the efficacy on macronutrients and the treatment of mental health disorders. The organizers were not advertising any one product and had purposefully stayed away from ‘big pharma’ supporting their event, … Read More

Autism and Physical Activity

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The importance of physical activity on mental and physical health for people is well established across numerous disciplines (psychology, physical education, kinesiology, medicine etc). Physical activity for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is important but may present some challenges. Children with ASD may have poor muscle tone, coordination, and have difficulties with motor planning. In addition, some children … Read More

Transforming Anger

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Written by Sharon Stopforth, Registered Social Worker How do you dance with anger?  You may not know what to do or where to go with it.  Anger can often feel overwhelming and rear its ugly head at inappropriate times, with a tremendous force that doesn’t match the situation and ends up getting stifled or repressed.  If anger is repressed for … Read More

Counselling: What can you expect?

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Written by Aleeza Mohamed, Registered Psychologist When you first make the decision to see a counsellor, it is normal to experience a whole host of emotions. Fear, anxiety, excitement, and doubt are just a few of the many feelings that can arise. You may also have a number of questions going through your mind such as: What kinds of questions … Read More

The Importance of Assessment

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Written by Cheryle Sherwood, Registered Psychologist Many clients come to me stating “I think I have ADHD. I did this test on the internet, and…well…that’s me!” This always makes me smile. Self discovery often does that to me J Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I want everyone to have ADHD, believe me, I don’t. Our insurance rates would … Read More

Why include the body in counselling?

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Written by Sharon Stopforth, Registered Social Worker Traditionally, counselling has focused on the mind and employs talk therapy to resolve issues.  Other forms of counselling have also been developed to include the spirit such as Jungian and transpersonal therapy.  Recently, it is becoming more accepted to work with the body in counselling as research in trauma has shown excellent results … Read More